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WHACKO-TV’s Wolf Douglas is back from his long vacation and Cleveland Heights and ADD NEWS is back on the air. With the new ALS CHALLENGE going totally viral on the internet, Wolf was not to be outdone by some of those lame stream media germalists who are getting all the credit. So sit back and get your bucket of ice water ready, WHACKO-TV is in the game of giving. 
Everybody has heard the news of Edward Snowden leaking documents from the NSA that showed that the US Government was getting all the records from the phone companies. They know who we call and who calls us. We get calls here all the time from people who want to help with our mortgages, or need money for some charity or worse, those calls from credit card companies. I hope the NSA is making sure they investigate all those people who violate the "Do not call" list. ADD NEWS went all the way to Russia for its exclusive interview with Edward Snowden. We got him right before Eddie took a jet to South America.

We all know the news never stops, never sleeps and never ceases to find the most terrible parts of the human reality. But even the most seasoned reporter needs a little spice in their life. So, we sent our Wolf Douglas on a short holiday photographing famous burning rivers of America. We were grateful to be able to enlist the services of Capt. Jack Jumpseat to present ADD NEWS while Wolf was away.  From one fat Governor to the terrible news out of Cleveland, WHACKO-TV never fails to find the most bizarre ways to present the daily blues. 

Some people get married for the right reason. Some people get married for the wrong reason. And of course, the government, which fails to get anything done on time, over-spends and argues about petty considerations, clearly should be involved in the personal matter of marriage. The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was enacted September 21, 1996 and is a federal law that restricts federal marriage benefits and required inter-state marriage recognition to only opposite-sex marriages in the United States. And this is the reason the Supreme Court is now involved. This is like going to your grandparents to resolve an argument over money. WHACKO-TV was there.
Every TV Station goes out of its way to promote its news team. At WHACKO-TV we too, are forced to make these promotional announcements to hawk our team to the general public. With our News Dictator Wolf Douglas; our sport guys Whammy Douglas (no relation to the Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher from 1959); Jean-Pierre LePlume, investigative reporter; and Dr. Nancy Fingerman, medical expert in house at the same time, well, it’s promo time. We tried to keep it to sixty-seconds but these guys are all hams – Gluten free, but hams.
Every news gathering organization lives for scoring the ultimate catch. Well, WHACKO-TV is no different, so you can imagine our glee (no relation to the TV show of the same name) when we found out that KATIE HOLMES wanted to be interviewed by our new Hollywood Reporter Thad Probinski. And of course, Wolf Douglas, News Dictator, demanded that we put the interview in his ADD News. And so it goes, a young reporter trying to make a name in the biz, while the old guard was protecting his turf. This is drama, because as they say: you cannot have drama without conflict.
Wolf Douglas is back with ADD News and he has news for cablecasters and lame-stream media types alike.  He talks about the Baseball season starting, about the great news out of Detroit and the auto industry. Today’s news is brought to you by the New York Botanical Gardens. Catch ADD News before it catches you. 
Within a week, Mother Nature delivered an earthquake and a major hurricane to the northeast section of the United States. We are not sure what side she is fighting on, but she needs to back off a bit. Irene, a hurricane with a girl’s name, packed a punch like a roller derby queen and WHACKO-TV was there to cover the news. From live coverage from elected officials telling us how bad is was going to be, to our French report Jean-Paul out there in the trenches to show us how bad it really was. This one is titled Goodnight Irene.
Osama Bin Laden may have been buried at sea, but that hasn’t stopped French deep sea explorers from finding the body. Jeanee Cousteau reports back to WHACKO-TV what he has found, while ADD NEWS introduces its newest member of the team, entertainment reporter Buzzy Bush. WHACKO-TV never seems to run out of ideas or new people. 
Just in time for the state of the union address to Congress, WHACKO-TVís awarding winning news program ADD NEWS is back on the air to talk about Morons and Presidents. We arenít sure which is which, but this newscast covers a lot of ground. Our crack writers have been working all weekend on this gem.

WHACKO-TV is always at the major events. This time our correspondent Cecil Rathbone gives us a first-hand look at the historic clock they call Big Ben.  While stateside, Wolf Douglas covers the egg scare and the mosque fear that has become such a source of controversy.  This is ADD NEWS - Short concise and to the. . .  ANOTHER FUNNY VIDEO from WHACKO-TV, well sort of funny.

WHACKO-TV has never been shy about tackling the tough reporting jobs. Wolf Douglas gives you one of the most accurate timelines involving the oil rig leakage in the Gulf of Mexico. Wolf teams with veteran newscaster Jean-Pierre LePlum, who pulled off another major coup looking right into the face of the environmental disaster. You won't see this coverage on ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. Well, maybe Fox.  What we need is a Salad Czar with this much Oil and Vinegar.

 WHACKO-TV reporter Wolf Douglas is just back from Las Vegas where he played a game called Black Jackie and made a few dollars. But with the news of many of our correspondents being stuck in the Alps due to the cloud of smoke and ash from the volcano in Iceland, Wolf sprung into action to bring his audience amazing coverage.
Where else can you hear about Ashley Dupre, sex, free vacations and boy tickles but WHACKO-TV's ADD NEWS. Wolf Douglas tackles the tough stories and brings them right down to the level of the people he's reporting on. And the big news about FACEBOOK and GOOGLE is rather amazing, too. See the news, be informed.
Wow, that was a lot of snow. And every good snow job deserves to be covered by our crack team of reporters. Wolf Douglas was there as record snow falls shut down most of the east coast and along with his trusted expert, Nastasha, the Russian Weather Lady, they put a blow-torch on the snow and brought you the all the important news.

Wolf Douglas tackles two sensitive subjects: Swine flu and the comfort of lab rats when in custody of an accused murder. This next episode of ADD NEWS proves you don't have to be suffering from Gender-dysphora to be into sports.

Pythagoras and Heimlich on ADD NEWS

This edition of ADD NEWS covers a lot of ground. From President Obama's speech in Congress, to debate over who is more important Dr. Henry Heimlich or Pythagoras to an evaluation of Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Cutting-edge news so sharp that even Wolf Douglas got bloody.
(SEPTEMBER 1, 2009) Wolf Douglas does the news in less than two minutes. You could have cooked an egg while he was doing the news. This cast, he looks at the South California wild fires and take on torture with Dick Cheney. This is award winning news at its shortest, thus the name ADD NEWS.

(AUGUST 20, 2009) WOLF DOUGLAS returns to the news desk with his new ADD NEWS for people with short attention spans and a ... what was I talking about? Well, whatever this new video is I am sure it is pretty good. Oh yeah, it's the news.