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 Stupid Videos


In the UK you have your Guy Fawkes Day. In the US we have our 4th of July. And in journalism, we have the CAN FILM FESTIVAL in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. And this year, WHACKO-TV entered its 300th video, which with much risk, was a video about winning the award for Stupidest Video of the year. Thank Guy we won. We take no credit for the coincidence that the 300thvideo on the infamous TV web site being ready the same time the award show took place. We have been planning this out since October 8, 2007 when we chased a bunch of crows down the street in upstate New York; or where they Blackbirds. They were singing in the dead of night, while you were just waiting for this moment to arrive. Yeah, so were we. Thanks for watching. 
Where else can you see Italian male prostitutes, crazy cooking shows, and sexy women from other countries, an alien from another planet and more? WHACKO-TV has reached a milestone, or was it a gall stone? This is the 200th video created by the WHACKO-TV team of writers, make-up artists, actors, announcers and pundits.  Thanks for watching  all these stupid videos.

Every year WHACKO-TV spends hours and hours thinking about who should be our man, woman, thing, or person of the year and this year was no different. We could have picked Julian Paul Assange, that bastard, or perhaps, Boy of the Year, Mark Zuckerberg, for inventing something that we didn't need before, but we really seem to need now. Or we could have gone with all the miners from Chile, even though we don't know them. But no, we picked someone who will certainly surprise you; in fact it surprised us.

It's the time of the year that we look back at what we accomplished in the last 365 days. WHACKO-TV has grown by ten times the number of viewers from last year. We would like to thank all those people who lowered their standards enough to waste the time to watch some of our stupid videos. And to those people who actually turned their friends on to our madness, well, you need to seek professional help. But before you run off to some expense shrink, please watch the WHACKO-TV Best of 2010.

WHACKO-TV has been thinking about this a long time, but the answer is here. For the first time, WHACKO-TV's Man of the Year is.... well, you have to watch the video to find out. But we'll throw you a hint, he has been one of our biggest sponsors in 2009. Congratulations to... just watch!

See some of our most unusual moments of 2009 on WHACKO-TV. It's not everything, but then that is why we have the damn website. HAPPY NEW YEAR... we promise to be as goofy next year as we were this year. Let's get WHACKO!