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Ever since the crisis in the Ukraine started, the WHACKO-TV newsroom has been working 4 hours a day, 4.5 days a week. We have attempted to cover all the details, but this seems to be changing every other minute. That is why we turned the BACKLINE team to do a complete documentary about Vladimir Putin. This whole diplomatic disruption is probably just a little over-reaction by a short dictator who lost a couple of hockey game in the Olympics. This is fist-clenching drama.
Everybody was pretty excited about the big ceremony in Washington, DC when Barack Obama was sworn in. Swearing on a bible seems a bit oxymoronic. But this was not any old bible; it was Abe Lincoln’s bible. WHACKO-TV was there to investigate the LIP-GATE conspiracy pulled off by the notorious Beyoncé Knowles and the United States Marine Band. BACKLINE dedicated the whole show this week to the inauguration of President Obama. What party is complete without the Scranton flash Joe Biden? 
There is a word in the news business that still gets a newsman excited, it’s SCOOP. And Wolf Douglas has done it again with what we call a mega-scoop. BACKLINE has found the cab driver who rode George and Lenore Romney to the hospital when they had baby Mitt. This interview will have major impact on the campaign and just may bring some pretty important questions to the surface. This report would have made George Foster Peabody proud even though he never actually won the award that bears his name. 
WHACKO-TV never avoids tackling tough issues. This time BACKLINE takes a look at ADDICTION and what drives the addict. Wolf Douglas takes a look at all kinds of addictions and what they make people do. This is hardcore reporting at its best. We call it ADDICTION CONVICTION, because we love how those words sound next to each other.
WHACKO-TV’s BACKLINE has scored a major coup with the first interview with members of the Casey Anthony jury. Wolf Douglas high-tailed to Clearwater and talked to the men and women who decided the fate of Casey Anthony. If this doesn’t win a George Peabody Award, then the fate of free press in America is in danger. 
Charlie Sheen has been everywhere lately and WHACKO-TV was no different. Wolf Douglas scored an exclusive interview with Charlie when he was visiting the WHACKO-TV studios. No other TV channel or network was in the same room with Wolf and Charlie as they discussed his new miracle cure. This is TV at its best.
After a long absence, BACKLINE is back with a look at the recent decision by Pope Eggs Benedict XVI that prostitutes trying to prevent HIV infection could use condoms. Wolf Douglas takes a look at the Catholic Church and how the Pope works in mysterious ways. WHACKO-TV hit the streets of Rome to get a terrific interview with a male prostitute.
WHACKO-TV's Wolf Douglas scored the interview of the century. One of the trusty BACKLINE producers went to college with one of the bin Laden kids (there are so many) and was able to call in a big favor. This is not the complete interview, but this what they call "the teaser" in the biz. We are sure to hear more as soon as we can figure out a way to exploit this economically.

Why does this seem just like what happened in IRAQ - or are we being unpatriotic, or is that neurotic, we can't remember when we weren't at war. Why is that?

The burning question about Death Panels in America is answered in this new BACKLINE. WHACKO-TV journalist and part-time father, Wolf Douglas reflects the anger that has been seen recently in the town hall meetings. See the Healthcare Reform Bill up close and personal.
WHACKO-TV reporter Wolfgang Douglas goes to prison to get another story for BACKLINE. This time he interviews the warden of Butte Prison and one of its most notorious inmates, Rufus T. Catch the inspiring reading of the Ode to Onomatopoeia and the grim reminder of the Plight of the Prisoner.
BACKLINE is back and this time, Wolf Douglas airs out his dirty laundry about how HOMELESS HARRY used his appearance on BACKLINE as a stepping stone to stardom.