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We, like the rest of the world, are deeply concerned by all the so-called sure fire diets out there. Well, our investigative team researched all the big fad diets and we not only put together a new episode of DATELIME, but we lost ZERO weight. We talked to the friends of one man and followed his plight from a size 42 waist down to 12. This is appetite suppressing TV at its best. 
WHACKO-TV has brought back DATELIME this week with a special on a certain clown that was accused of killing comedy. DATELIME’s Keith Garrison gets down and dirty with this expose on clown humor. There is no question that DATELIME is addictive TV in the same vein where most addictive things hang out. 
WHACKO-TV gets into its new season sooner than most networks with the debut of the new show DATELIME. This time we look into the dealings of one TONY FACOVIA and how he under-estimated the determination of a newly arrived immigrant. This show has power, law and order.
WHACKO-TV is proud to bring back the never ever nominated for any award investigative show DATELIME. This time the guy with the creepy voice and unrealistic infections examines the Shrine of the Martyrs in Auriesville, NY and Saratoga Race Course. We have no idea what they have in common.