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About ten years ago a lot of young YouTubers created web sites that propelled them to fame. One such web commentator was Phil DeFish-O, who according to Wikipedia is now worth $3.4 million. His observations have captivated millions of viewers each week and made him the darling of the web marketing agencies wanting to tap into the youth audience. Today, WHACKO-TV has gotten the exclusive rights to rebroadcast his antics on our channel. Hey if you can’t beat them, joint them, or at least attempt a reasonable parody. 
We asked all the major contributors here at WHACKO-TV to put together little vignettes on their fathers for Father’s Day. Chef DaWhite put together nice white wine vinaigrette, while our Arab camel guy Al Jazzera put together a power point of minarets. Does anyone read these memos we send out? The one that was so honest and touching was the tribute that Thaddeus T. Probinski gave us on his father. We had no idea that his father was a painter. To all those fathers out there, happy father’s day and to all you mothers, remember they like beer and football.
The television business is a tough industry. When shows do well, the other networks scramble to find their own version of someone else’s success. The blatant imitations seem to sprout faster than spores in a petri dish of left-over soup. Well, WHACKO-TV is not that proud that we too, wouldn’t attempt to steal a good idea and make it worse. Our new show is breaking badly onto the inter-web, it’s Freaking Bald. 
As Chicken Little would say, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.” But in this case, it is a 6-ton dead bus-size UARS satellite. And of course, WHACKO-TV seems to be in the middle of everything that happens on this planet. Wolf Douglas takes his first caller on the new WHACKO-TV live studio phone. Sure looks like he has his hands full. 
WHACKO-TV is at it again with a show for the heartland of America. It’s the MA & PA SHOW – and that doesn’t stand for Massachusetts and Pennsylvania; those are two of our funny in-house comedy drama players in the Carol Burnett mold. Boy, just saying Carol Burnett mold is kind of creepy. Well, enjoy the show. 

WHACKO-TV has been following Prince William ever since he announced his engagement. And we caught up with the Royals as they take on the tough task of picking a court jester. This is a job that pays little, but does bring with it the prestige and honor of a million royal subjects and a few predicate nouns. Bobby Ganoosh makes a cameo appearance where his words, "I'm not going to work for you, that is why we had a revolution" clearly a hidden message to those in the streets in Egypt.

WHACKO-TV introduces, once again, a new show called I’M SOOOO CONFUSED where we take a look at some of the things that really get our goat. We have been looking for our goat, so getting our goat back; will help with that curry dish IT wanted to cook this week. This first show covers STUPID PARKING LOTS and how technology makes it simple to park, but the signage insults our intelligence.

WHACKO-TV legal correspondent supremely right and handsome Tony Facovia has analyzed all the new decisions that have some down from the Supreme Court of the United States of America and he is ready to give you his thoughts on what has happened. Why read the newspaper when you can listen to Tony tell us how it is?

WHACKO-TV gets into its new season sooner than most networks with the debut of the new show DATELIME. This time we look into the dealings of one TONY FACOVIA and how he under-estimated the determination of a newly arrived immigrant. This show has power, law and order.

To keep some of those over-zealous interest groups at bay, WHACKO-TV created the continuing education series which runs early on Sunday morning. This show, EMILIO The Educator, was funded by  small businesses that need a strong workforce that can be loaded into trucks early in the morning.  EMILIO will certainly not raise your school taxes.

WHACKO-TV rarely takes a stand about issues in its own industry, but the controversy about Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien has brought out a strong discussion. Join Wolf Douglas as he gives you a glimpse of Japan's Top TV show and an opinion on how TV works. Totally WHACKO-TV.

WHACKO-TV has gained the exclusive rights to air the new film by M. Serge Crapola, FATHER & SON REUNION. The strong emotional conflict between a father and his son is a classic theme that Joseph Campbell would certainly find compelling. The young boy is played by our very own Thwig Salgoud. Rated PG-13.
Inspired by William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, this tossed salad of dialog about censorship back in the days of early Rome leaves the audience wanting more. More of what, we don't know. WHACKO-TV presents CAESAR SALAD THEATRE, a one act play written by the General Manager's wife.

With all the coverage lately about Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., one of the nation's pre-eminent African-American scholars, being arrested at his home in Cambridge, WHACKO-TV was obligated under a strange and arcane law to give equal time to an opposing view. And who did we end up with, the Faceless Man.

Wolf Douglas goes toe to toe with Mike Powell to probe the difference between English English and American English. This is one Conflict & Drama you don't want to miss.
Another new show from WHACKO-TV. Conflict & Drama brings you things that bother Wolf Douglas and maybe you, too. Catch the conflict, deal with the drama.
St. Patrick's Pixie and Lucky Charm the Frog come to WHACKO-TV to do the first annual GOOD LUCK SHOW. Demonstrating how you can get lucky.
For the Iraqi newsman looking for some tips on what to throw at a Super Power. Whacko-TV presents Shoe Talk.
We need to do something radical to help the oil crisis on the short term. We need a big idea. This is a big idea.