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 Stupid Videos

Since professional NBA player Jason Collins decided to announce to the world that he is Gay, other famous athletes, artists and actors have made the move to out themselves.  WHACKO-TV has spread the world in the “community” that we are more than open to being a vehicle for openly announcing how openly you plan to be. No one here will judge you. We have already been judged by a higher power – 220 volts.

Everyone remembers the night they drove old Dixie down, the day that Sarah Palin walked away from her cushy Governor’s chair and the morning Pope Benedict XVI decided to hang up that big old hat. There are many Cardinals jockeying for that solid gold ring, and we think a few Yankees as well. As uncouth as it may be, some American men of the cloth have taken to the airwaves to declare their readiness for the post. Is nothing sacred? Why did we even ask that, we are WHACKO-TV? 

Most of the people at WHACKO-TV hate when someone out there appears to be more WHACKO than WHACKO-TV, but we found someone. Harold Camping, a California preacher, is predicting that the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. We would have done this video earlier, but we were busying living our lives. But now that we know that the world is going to end, we have become rapidly and rabidly caught up in the rapture. 
With all eyes turning to Japan and their struggle against nature and nuclear energy, it was only fitting that WHACKO-TV’s Master Debaters Series come back to talk about this crisis. And with the US Government ready to cut off funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the church has jumped into this with both feet. The tireless Father “Positive” Pasterneck is back to pitch in for the cause.
We got through Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and we blasted into Lent with all the great feelings of giving something up. We looked around for some stuff to give up, but we didn’t want to give up anything. So we turned to Father “Positive” Pasterneck to give us some ideas on what to give up. And we finally gave up. We literally, gave up. But this video does survive our encounter of the cloth and man.