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How to make great Hummus with a real sense of hummus

Cookin’ with DaWhite Guy is back on the air with the famous, well-traveled Chef Dwight. On this episode, he teaches us all about hummus and more importantly how to make it. Whether you spell it hummus, hummous, hommos, humos, hommus, hoummos or حمّص بطحينة, this delicate dish is great in any climate. Chef Dwight walks you through the easy steps to make the most delicious dip. You can’t get this on the Food Network. 

There is nothing more exciting than eating food and WHACKO-TV once again pulled Chef Dwight out of the bar for another episode of Cookin’with DaWhite Guy. This time our resident chef shows you how to make a delicious avocado and grapefruit salad that is perfect for a hot summer day. Get the latest tips and tricks from someone who spends his life in the kitchen, well, when he’s not in jail. It’s Cookin’ with DaWhite Guy. 
Finally we get Chef Dwight back from all the food networks and world tours to bring us another episode of Cookin’ with DaWhite Guy. This time our live-in chef creates a wonderful Indian dish that will release major endorphins. You remember Major Endorphins who starred in the great military Bollywood classic “To Curry Favor”. Alongside Betty Davis, this was a movie that inspired the dish that Chef Dwight cooks for us tonight.

6th Annual Post 21 Club Cook-Off

Each year the members of the Post 21 Club gather together to raise money for their non-profit organization. WHACKO-TV cameras were there for this good cause. Its purpose is to  capitalize on the hard work the parents and NJ education system have done to prepare this population for life after school.   The Post 21 Club has  designed a support system that teams up with existing service providers to give  adults with autism the supports they need to access a good life that will include work, recreation, continuing education and eventually a life independent of their parents.
This is the season we all do a lot of entertaining and WHACKO-TV comes right into your kitchen with COOKIN’ WITH DA WHITE GUY with Chef Dwight. On this episode, our Chef takes a look at the bubbly and what bottles go with which food. From all the people of WHACKO-TV, we wish you a fantastic holiday and a happy New Year. Onward to 2011.

Bill Clinton's new diet is really heart-healthy and has some real value restoring damaged organs. And we know how Bill loves his organs. Chef DaWhite invited his brother Glenn to cook up a last meal before he attempts to go on the Clinton Diet. This is one HOT dish.

Cooking with DaWhite Guy is back on WHACKO-TV. Chef DaWhitet is just back from France where he was sharpening his knife and learning how to cook FRENCH-like. In this episode, Chef DaWhite teaches us his secrets about cooking FRENCH TOAST. This is quite educational.
Now we know that frogs don't wear clothing, but the real reason we named this video Naked Frogs, is because we figured out we would get more hits if that word was in the title. COOKIN with DA WHITE GUY is back and this time Chef Da White's guest is Sue Chef from Paris. Yes, they actually try to cook frog legs.
Cookin' With Da White Guy returns to WHACKO-TV with Chef Dwight's celebration of cheese. Not only to learn the origins of this ancient food, but you get to see the brand new music video CUTTING THE CHEESE by the WHACKO-TV Kitchen Quartet. So, get some cheese dip and enjoy.
Chef Da White is back with his take on how to eat healthy for under a buck, or under a pine tree, or at a New Year's Eve celebration. Learn how to stretch your food budget and your lower intestine. COOKIN' With DA White Guy is back for another season on WHACKO-TV.
With more of us wanting to stay home and cook, WHACKO-TV decided to roll out our new cooking show, COOKIN' WITH DA WHITE GUY, a show for men who like to prepare good eats in minutes. Catch Chef Dwight and his wonderful creation BEEF MERLOT.