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As you know, many of our famous TV shows started out in Briton and then were imported to America. WHACKO-TV’s SLAP THE MONKEY is not originally from the UK, but does have a British MC. We couldn’t afford an MP. Cecil Rathbone returns to kick off the fall season with the game show that helps our ratings and brings in mega-bucks. With celebrity guest contestants and a barrel of monkeys, SLAP THE MONKEY is must see TV. 
Once again the WHACKO-TV game department has renewed the contract for one of our best game shows SLAP THE MONKEY. Catch the antics of CECIL RATHBONE our host and the unusual guests: Presidential hopeful Hal Hitler, federal prisoner Rufus T and the ever outrageous Bobby Ganoosh. See it now and play along at home.
Everyone deserves a spin-off of their favorite TV show and of course WHACKO-TV picks up every stray show out there. American Animal Idols pits some of the local pets against each other in a winner takes all battle for fame, fortune and a fat cat contract with one of the remaining record companies. This is wild and domesticated. 
The WHACKO-TV programming department is always thinking of new ways to bring in the audience. This time they have created the new game show SLAP THE MONKEY. Loosely based on the British TV show, "Who's Wine Is This?" SLAP THE MONKEY replaces the show Lake Erie Shore, which had terrible ratings. Enjoy SLAP THE MONKEY while it lasts. We are sure that P.E.T.A. will be on the phone shortly.
We all get caught up in those reality-like game shows on TV, and THE BIGGEST BOOZER is no exception. After weeks of competition, it is down to the final two: Capt. Jack Jumpseat and Homeless Harry. Who will bag the big prize and take the crown? This promo brings out the best in all of us.