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As you know, WHACKO-TV was shut down for almost three weeks due to the government shut down. A little known fact, many of the animals and characters who work at WHACKO-TV are in the witness protection program and while the government was shut down, well they had no protection. But we are back better than a healthcare web site and ready to make you laugh. This episode is all about finding the perfect Halloween costume and we have our panel of experts to give you some advice. Booooo – hey just practicing.
Who doesn’t like Halloween? Well, it’s that time of the year again when fall is in the air and that going-out-of-business sign is back up on the door of the Halloween Store. How do they do it? Eddie Spookinski is back and ready to deal at SPOOKY TOWNE. Can you believe they are going out of business? Catch the insanity before the close the doors.
Lots of pumpkins are out on the street without a home. And this is the reason we brought this new client to WHACKO-TV: Where’s The Pumpkin! We have no idea what they sell, but their tune is catchy and their social commentary embedded in their TV commercial must mean something. If only Wendy’s could be this creative. 
If October is for baseball, then November certainly is for SPOOKY TOWNE and all the Halloween costume stores. Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem SPOOKY TOWNE is going out of business again. Why, they just opened. And the WHACKO-TV news department told us they saw a truck backed up on the loading dock full of Christmas supplies ready to unload. Looks like Fast Eddie Spookinski has pulled off another Halloween mask to reveal he is really Sandy Claws.

This time of the year everyone's looking for costume ideas for Halloween. That is why WHACKO-TV took this spot from SPOOKY TOWNE. Every year they open up and then they have this going out of business sale. They have some great ideas for Trick or Treat, but can we really trust Eddie Spookinski.

Ever since Bram Stoker's 1897 story, Dracula, we humans have been mystified by vampires and the whole concept of dead people, who were discovered around the same time history began. Safina is the guest on HEY, CAN WE TALK and true to form, Wolf Douglas, who was named after the famous werewolf, Blitzer of CEE-N-N-DA-LAND, asks the tough questions, and pays for it, in the end.