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We have always wondered about the concept reenactment. There are those networks that jump over themselves to get that first interview with the victim or the villain. At WHACKO-TV we are just has happy to reenact than to do all the work to land the perfect guest. Dr. NANCY, a show that some say is like Dr. Phil, or Dr. Oz or Doctor Zhivago, au contraire, this show is an original. On this show, Dr. Nancy has bagged the clone of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. This is cutting-edge journalism.
We, like the rest of the world, are deeply concerned by all the so-called sure fire diets out there. Well, our investigative team researched all the big fad diets and we not only put together a new episode of DATELIME, but we lost ZERO weight. We talked to the friends of one man and followed his plight from a size 42 waist down to 12. This is appetite suppressing TV at its best. 
There seems to be two factions in the United States all based on the Healthcare Act, recently passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. Everyone has to pick a side to be on. I usually sleep on my left side. Wolf Douglas went to an undisclosed location to find out if the act, known as ObamaCare is a good idea, or for the birds. We aren’t sure what the answer is, but then, the drama is good for business.
Everybody has heard the big news about the Supreme Court making the big decision on the Healthcare Law, but do you know that much about those who decided that it was constitutional? Well, the crack research team here at WHACKO-TV spent some time online today to find out just what this Supreme Court is made of. But wait, that’s not all, we have a celebrity spokesperson to explain the whole happening. This is award-winning germalism.
As a regular viewer of WHACKO-TV you know that we do very little children’s programming. But we have been noticing how well those videos on the inter-web get lots of, as they say, hits when kittens and lovable children are included. Well, we have combined a cat and someone we consider very immature, Mr. Hand in what we call the Land of Make Believe. Everyone needs to go to that special place in their own mind on occasions to get away from the day in, day out toils and trials of life. We hope you enjoy the trip
WHACKO-TV is very proud of the special shows we do to keep the public informed on health issues. This time we turn to Dr. Nancy Fingerman to help us understand the need for Colonoscopies and how to prepare for the procedure. This is classic TV reminiscent of Dr. Ben Casey or Dr. Greg House or Doctor Zhivago and all those medical men with strange names.

WHACKO-TV's Dr. Nancy Fingerman is very interested in helping solve the obesity problem in America. While he seems to always find new products to endorse along the way, we assume he does it for the common good. Whatever that means?

The sales department at WHACKO-TV once again proved that they will take any advertiser. We welcome VASECTA-MEX to our commercial schedule. This recently approved drug is supposed to help men who have been neutered with the pain and discomfort after vasectomy. We sure hope this works.

WHACKO-TV has some of the hottest thespians at its fingertips for its continuing Docu-Drama Series. This time, they focus on Healthcare reform and metaphors. The Night Watchman is a euphonium for something far more sinister than you can image. So, to all you horn-blowers, watch it and weep.