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 Stupid Videos

With the Academy Awards show coming up this weekend, WHACKO-TV was excited to get a request from the Motion Theater Association to create a short trailer that would be played in local theaters before the previews and feature presentation. For the life of us we don’t understand why they rejected our attempt. After calling several times they told us it was too long. It’s only 1:22, WTF!
We can’t tell you how excited we were when we were asked to participate in the new national TV campaign that YOUTUBE is doing to promote some of the bright young female stars on the Internet. We didn’t have the nerve to tell them that we were neither young nor female. So we worked all night on our submission and sent it to the home office of the tube of you. We don’t know when this will air on national TV, but the guy at the home office said, “Don’t hold your breath.” Wonder what he meant by that? 

It looks like the programming develop team at WHACKO-TV has been quite busy. They’ve put together a gangbuster Wednesday night line-up to go up against the other networks. We questioned the marketing department’s idea of the slogan: Must See Stupid! First of all, we have no problem with the use of the term “stupid” keeping in mind that old bromide “if the shoe fits”, but “must see”? Does one have to do anything somebody else wants them to do in a free country? I mean we have the 2nd Amendment, what could go wrong? Please enjoy the promo video for WHACKO WEDNESDAY. 

This time of the year we all get totally saturated with tons of ads from all the tax preparation companies on radio, TV, cable and the internet. WHACKO-TV just picked up a new advertiser: H&R Flock. We were just as surprised as you to see Tony Facovia our trusted legal expert as a pitchman for a tax service. We would love to get our taxes done as soon as possible before the government runs out of money, well, unless you owe the I.R.S. Hey, we all have been down that road. 

We got lots of complaints about Seamus and Handy commenting about Gun Control, but as our Ma Douglas used to always say, there is always a bit of silver in the bathtub. She was referring to Silver Fish, not the money that our new client Gun Smart is paying us to put their commercial on WHACKO-TV. Hey, no one can say we don't show both sides of an issue.
With all the activity in Egypt these days we are reminded of the lyrics of that famous song, “here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.” Ironically, this was the same day Bruce Springsteen announced his next concert tour, but we were talking about the oppression of an entire nation.  It is always something; from the dictator, to the dictator’s son, to the overly zealous military leader, Egypt has it all. Boy, I hope those pyramids last long enough for democracy to kick in. WHACKO-TV cannot believe that this local merchant is taking advantage of this new uprising, but hey, democracy loves capitalism.  
With many people out of work, it was time for WHACKO-TV to find some sponsors that can help people find jobs. Think of it, even Steve Jobs gave up his job, so you have to be pretty crafty to find one these days. What about radio? There are jobs in radio, but you have to be trained to enter the field. That’s where this new video can help you. It is simply called RADIO JOBS and we hope you get one.
This is either a new high or a new low, but we took this commercial from the local fish monger who wanted to come on WHACKO-TV and pitch fish. No guppies were harmed in the making of his spot, but there may have been a few mako that didn’t make it out of the shop the day we filmed. We take you live now to Salmon Dave’s seafood emporium; don’t trip on the seaweed. 
The economy must be picking up because we are getting some advertisers we have never seen before, like BERT FINEMAN. We aren’t sure what he sells, but it says here “Medical Aids’, whatever that is. And we wanted to remind everyone to pass the word around about WHACKO-TV. We are coming up on our 4th Anniversary and we aren’t even registered at MACY’S yet. 
WHACKO-TV was very excited to see the changes that took place in Egypt recently. And it’s good to see their economy is starting to turn around. It helped that their camel herders were able to get such a large bailout to be able to start to advertise again. And of course, the WHACKO-TV sales department was able to bag a big contract from of all people Al Jazera. Wow. OMG. 

The staff and management do comfort us, but this commercial we took for WHACKO-TV sure got a lot of people round these parts upset. Once again, the sales department will take anything these days. We hope you enjoy the little joke we added to the spot before it went on the air. Those internet companies that run ads on our station never really check to see if we messed with it. Please don’t tell them. 

WHACKO-TV like many of the networks has been out there looking for new shows and this one was scheduled to be a summer replacement, but who can wait for summer? Wolf Douglas debuts WD40 a show that features subjects that the audience votes on. Now there is a unique idea. Catch the first episode now.
Nihilism might say that there is no objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value to this video, but WHACKO-TV is proud to have this new sponsor. We are always looking for new ways for technology to make your life better. This sure is one. Not only does it help you find the information you need from the Internet, but it just might be the most fun way to exercise.
Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton did their first interview and Kate was wearing the late Princess Diana's engagement ring. And the US Press is going crazy. Even the Today Show did more than eleven minutes to open their show each day this week. WHACKO-TV went live to the official Royal Press Conference in London to get the latest scoop.

Veteran WHACKO-TV reporter George Robinson is always looking for new products that can make your life better. NOW THIS IS A DAMN FUNNY VIDEO and the JOKES, oh my, oh this is one of the great parodies of all time.

Well, WHACKO-TV has done it again, taken advertisements from a sponsor that no other TV outlet or network will take. Why you ask? Well, it is for the money. See, we like this whole anti-socialism thing we have going, and of course, who are we to judge the advertisers. Money talks, nobody walks.

WHACKO-TV welcomes our newest sponsor Ratte Village where everyone gets in for $100. Their new commercial features their mascot Rodney the Dancing Rat. With all the controversy about the housing industry, it's great to see someone doing something positive about the renting industry.
WHACKO-TV presents an new episode in the continuing series THEY CAME TO CHUCK YOU. Bucky Johnston plays a radical activist in the year: Stardate 2044 when the Supreme Court of the World has decided against the woodchucks and beavers. This is a thriller without an ending.
To offset the lag of advertising dollars, the brain trust at WHACKO-TV has decided to go into the airline business with WHACKO-AIR. Now we don't want to be negative, but they could have picked the cell phone industry or even the grass seed business, but air travel? Well, this is the first commercial for the new airline produced by our ad agency, Whackman, Slapman and Beers.
WHACKO-TV always highlights some of its best advertisers, but this time, we are saddened by the fact that SPOOKY TOWNE has bit the dust. We know how popular they've been each Halloween, but for the life of us, we could never figure out how they stayed in business the rest of the year. This is their last commercial.