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With many people out of work, it was time for WHACKO-TV to find some sponsors that can help people find jobs. Think of it, even Steve Jobs gave up his job, so you have to be pretty crafty to find one these days. What about radio? There are jobs in radio, but you have to be trained to enter the field. That's where this new video can help you. It is simply called RADIO JOBS and we hope you get one.

GET A JOB with Bart Finnster

The unemployment problem has gotten out of control. Lots of people are looking for work, so WHACKO-TV's Bart Finnister is here to help in this FUNNY VIDEO. If you haven't been on a job interview for a long time, Bart gives you tips on what to do and what to avoid. Our hidden WHACKO-TV camera caught one applicant, Teddy R. during the interviewing process. Boy, did he make an impression

WHACKO-TV Human Resources Director Bart Finnster is back to administer the annual EMPLOYEE WELLNESS EVALUATION test for all the workers at WHACKO-TV. This short test determines how you will be handled by the Insurance Companies. A must for anyone concerned about Healthcare in America.

At every office in America, this problem plagues those who spend time in the BREAK ROOM. WHACKO-TV’s undercover cameras were able to see what happened when D-DAY came to one such office. The day when everyone broke down and took up arms against the FREAKIN’ FRIDGE and what was left behind.

WHACKO-TV Human Resource director Bart Finnster gives some good advice to men and women about what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace. Learn what not to do, what not to say, and what can get you in trouble. We have to hand it to Bart, he has a unique approach.


WHACKO-TV Human Resource Director Bart Finnster took time out of his busy workday to give the viewers who are looking for jobs on what to look for during the interview process. He covers the 10 things that a interviewer cannot ask an interviewee. This is illuminating.