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Larry The Lion Show 
You have heard about the War on Christmas, but have you heard about the War on Easter Bunny. Larry the Lion Live attempts to besmirch this lovable icon of candy and colored eggs in this latest episode of the award-winning talk show. Almost as if the Easter Bunny is on trial for something he did not do, Larry turns against him. We do not condone this show, we just air it. See for yourself. 
With the Pope, as infallible as he is, declaring that we really can’t judge Gay humans, we immediately called LARRY THE LION and asked him to drag his lazy tail in here and do a show for us. We aren’t lying when we tell you he has a major interview with someone who leaked a bunch of secrets. Between Weiner and the Pope, it’s starting to look like we are on the cutting edge of papal change and political folly. Larry the Lion Live is on the air. 
It looks like the programming develop team at WHACKO-TV has been quite busy. They've put together a gangbuster Wednesday night line-up to go up against the other networks. We questioned the marketing department's idea of the slogan: Must See Stupid! First of all, we have no problem with the use of the term "stupid" keeping in mind that old bromide "if the shoe fits", but "must see"? Does one have to do anything somebody else wants them to do in a free country? I mean we have the 2nd Amendment, what could go wrong? Please enjoy the promo video for WHACKO WEDNESDAY.