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It is clear to us that the homeless problem isn’t going away. It is also clear to us, that Homeless Harry and the Hash Pipes are making some excellent music down under. We don’t mean in Australia, we mean in the New York City subway system. WHACKO-TV took its remote camera on the D Train to follow old Harry around for a day. What a long strange trip it was. And here is their latest single PUBLIC URINATION. We have no idea what this song is all about.


Every reporter worth his salt has that one interviewee on his bucket list. For our entertainment reporter Thad Probinski, it’s “the boss” he has been craven. Not only does Thad score his most coveted interview, he talks Bruce into playing an unplugged version of his big hit, Born in the Lower Eastside on the stage where it all started in Asbury Park, NJ.. This is TV that isn’t even on Time-Warner Cable, it’s on WHACKO-TV. 


There seems to be a lot of talk lately about what the government can do and what it can’t. Both the Republicans and Democrats have used the Patriot act and other loopholes to do the most outrageous things. From waterboarding terrorists, to spying on reporters to giving non-profit groups a royal pain in their butts just to be able to broadcast some propaganda. One of our folk singer crew members, who has a crush on Warren Zevon, wrote and recorded this song. I can wait for this to come true so we can get Google for free. What? It already is for free? Who knew? 

We were as shocked as you were that a zumba teacher from Kennebunkport, Maine has been accused of being an instructor by day and a call girl by night. We, like you, were pondering why she didn’t have zumba classes at night, but more importantly, what is a little town like Kennebunkport doing with a zumba workout plan? There are lots of towns even bigger that have plenty of prostitutes, but no zumba. This brings to mind, that old Donna Summer lyric, “she works hard for the money”. We see they already have a new instructor. The Italian male prostitute is back and this time, he’s singing a ballad called Maine Squeeze, or as we call it, the Zumba Song. 
Once again, the WHACKO-TV Arts and Entertainment department traveled to Ida-john, Idaho for the 5th Annual Bad Folk Singer Hoedown. The contestants this year have come from near and far to show the world that American folk ballads still tell a story about the struggles of the common man. We offer this excerpt of some the 75 hours of folk music we shot at the Ida-John Culture Center. 
This is the most fun time of the year. We’ve got Political conventions all over the place and WHACKO-TV is covering them like a glove. Well, just as Lance Armstrong used to say, I’d give my left one for a chance to go to the convention, but he didn’t return our calls. But, first event we covered was the opening song performed by Tommy Testicola. TT dragged out one of the old protest songs to honor the Republicans. We aren’t sure if anyone vetted him, but hey, we brought our cameras. This was the sound check version, sure hope he made it to the big stage.

WHACKO-TV loves to go on the road and visit the farmlands of America. This time we spent some time in Amsterdam, New York at the Adirondack Feed Center to see some of those famous Adirondack Chairs. The precursor to today's Adirondack chair was designed by Thomas Lee in 1903. He was on vacation in Westport, New York, in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, and needed outdoor chairs for his summer home. He tested the first designs on his family. And of course, the rest is history. But think about this; what if you could actually become a chair. What a view?
Every human man and women at some time falls prey to the common cold. Even if you pray a lot you will get a cold. WHACKO-TV found a Borscht Belt act named Tommy Testicola and the Ball Busters who have been playing the Catskills since the Marx Brothers where knee high to bowl of sauerkraut. Their catchy little tune, We Hate the Common Cold, caught our ears, and then went to our throat, eventually landed in our lungs. So, sit back, pour yourself a hot tea and sniffle along with WHACKO-TV. 
Well, it is no big secret that WHACKO-TV has always left the light on for the homeless who come around to our loading dock for a bit of bread or a pint of single malt scotch. And this time, we have agreed to something we really shouldn’t have, that is helping Homeless Harry & The Hash Pipes sell their new greatest hits CD. Here is the commercial that the boys in the back room put together. It’s been endorsed and recommended by Mitt Romney. I think he has a piece of the action on this one. All we can say is “rock on!”
Sometimes we let our people create their art here at WHACKO-TV. We try to stay unbiased and above the fray of everyday living, but those other elite media make us deal with issues that aren’t that funny. I guess what they mean when they say “elite” media is more like, those who get to charge like hundreds of thousands of dollars for ads. Like that ad that you see when you sign-out of FACEBOOK; they say that one must pay $700,000 a day for that spot. Well, we don’t have that kind of money here at WHACKO-TV, so we let the musicians and puppeteers do their thing and write a message song. Can’t wait to get back to fart jokes tomorrow.  

From the extreme off-Broadway musical IF HOMELESS PEOPLE COULD FLY, comes the opening number performed by Homeless Harry & The Hash Pipes back from their tour of Amsterdam. They played every hash house in Holland. Once again, the poignant play about the plight of homeless America only amplifies the message that their problems are now ignored by arguments of debt and percentages of income taxes. Hey, the homeless are driven by debt, and it never needs an oil change. 
It is so warm and wonderful to see brothers working together on a video like this. Dwight, Dewayne and Wolf Douglas teamed up for the first time to talk about their new health plan. Everyone seems to have one. This is better than Obama-care and won’t turn your face orange like John Boehner’s. Join the party as we present this new music video from those three crazy knuckleheads. 
It is that time of the year again; to put on costumes and go door to door to TRICK or TREAT. Well, WHACKO-TV thought it would be a great idea to do a haunted house this year. We got WEREWOLF DOUGLAS to put together the entertainment for the house, and of course he came up with Homeless Harry to perform his hit song BLOWN AWAY. Along with this video, we also reposted a lot of our old Halloween videos to scare the pants off you.
Plutonium Discovered On Uranus 
Public Urged Not To Sit Down
This is clearly one of the strangest videos we have ever allowed to appear on WHACKO-TV. There are moments when we think maybe Robert Altman is back on the planet, or perhaps MAD MAGAZINE’s Spy vs. Spy has been reincarnated. This is all about how different people deal with depression. And with this new song, we learn it doesn’t take that much to get out of a funk.
WHACKO-TV has outsourced the weather duties to Swami Davis, Jr. and he gives us a look at the weather like no other meteorologist. He actually predicts the weather using his Stereo Crystal Balls. Catch the madness and realize that once again, we have been out-smarted by the staff who managed to put some kind of hidden message in this piece.
Homeless Harry & The Hash Pipes just came off a thirty day tour of Amsterdam. We cannot believe that they could have played that many gigs in one city, but they said they were a smash over there. Or was it that they were smashed over there. But they are back and keeping in the tradition of Harry’s lyrical content, half satire, half protest song, he surely brings out the tempo on this baby and asks that question we all ask: When will we be free?
WHACKO-TV editors were so busy with all that Charlie Sheen nonsense that they almost missed one of the biggest stories of the week: New York Republican Representative’s hearings on radicalization of Muslims in American Society. One of the old hippies in the newsroom wrote a song about it and so we decided to run with it. We don’t know what it means, but those guys are always daydreaming in there.

Talkin' 'bout a Revolution in Egypt

This video is dedicated to the people of Egypt and does not represent the views of the musicians who composed and recorded this song. The images speak for themselves. May democracy heal and create a more perfect union.
WHACKO-TV took to the woods of upstate New York to investigate a disturbing trend: Animal Alcoholism. Yes, it is true. Wild animals in the woods are getting drunk on whisky, wine and wood grain spirits left by campers, carpenters and cowboys. This must stop. They get drunk and sing into the wee hours.

Pro-Pot Band Kicked Out of Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland

Well Homeless Harry & The Hash Pipes are at it again. WHACKO-TV caught their latest concert at the Tattoo Room in Baltimore, Maryland and they debuted their brand new song "Ferret in my pants." We don't know where they get these ideas, but this song likes a remake of some religious song from the sixties. What can we say, support the homeless.


This time WHACKO-TV presents their new Music Video singing about some guy named Newt who they claim is a liar. We don't know who they are talking about, but we present this as ART? Another funny video from the web site that never gives up.


WHACKO-TV, in an attempt to help with the ever-growing obesity problem in America, introduces its first exercise program for the whole family. Join the workout brothers for the first installment of the Trish Regan Exercise Program. You'll want to get on your workout clothes for this one. This FUNNY VIDEO is a great parody of life in the fishbowl.

WHACKO-TV introduces a new show dedicated to plants and jazz. On this episode, we cover the majestic Iris and the demanding daisy. Not only will you learn all the parts of the Iris, you'll see the way that all of mother nature's creatures get along.

When the historians were in the WHACKO-TV archives, they found a tape of a recording from 42 years ago. It wasn't long before some of the stuffed animals were singing along and dancing up a storm. This video, part of the new Saturday morning children's programming, teaches kids the that girls with acne will most likely end up as lesbians.

WOLF DOUGLAS continues his investigative reporting on the IMMIGRATION problem in America. He travels to a small southern town to see a radical Mexican performer known as Crazy Man. This report shows just now the illegal immigrants are taking jobs from folk singers in America.

WHACKO-TV was very impressed that Homeless Harry and the Hash Pipes got permission to play on the steps of the capitol the day of the big vote in the house. They were indeed, not in the house, but they were "in the house." They debut their brand new song, HEALTHCARE BLUES. This video is certainly a collector's item.
WHACKO-TV traveled to the farms of upstate New York to capture the footage of a major breakup. While everyone is curious about Tiger and Elin, or Brad and Angelina's possible split, we were there live as the goofy guy with the Viking hat broke-up with his pig wife. You won't see this on the history channel.
This is the music video from the #1 Japanese TV show at 10PM each night, Dancing Japanese Balls. See this fun and light-hearted look into Asian TV at its best.

WHACKO-TV is the friend of all kinds of music, including Country music. From Austin, TX they present as part of the Suburban Lights Series, Cowboy Pete. He seems to be picking up with Pete Seeger left off, although his brand of Folk Country Rock Punk Reggae, seems more angry and angst filled. How does one fill an angst?


Folk singers are always motivated by wars, poverty and current events. Homeless Harry & the Hashpipes have been deeply affected by the terrible news of Tiger Woods. What seemed like a late night car accident has swelled into a national obsession. And of course, WHACKO-TV was there to record their latest single, Balls and Holes.
WHACKO-TV has the brand new music video by Homeless Harry & The Hash Pipes: BLOWN AWAY. This is not only a tribute to scary movies, but also perfect for HALLOWEEN. Boo... did we get you?
WHACKO-TV has secured the rights to run the original HOMELESS HARRY video of "What If Homeless People Could Fly" and we are playing it alot. Subtitles were added for your Sing Along pleasure.
This one is from the late night programming at WHACKO-TV as HOMELESS HARRY & THE HASH PIPES perform their brand new hit video: STAND UP AND SAY IT. They seem to be trying to convince the world that there is nothing wrong with grass and how the are not very normal.
WHACKO-V captured Homeless Harry's outdoor concert in Elmsford, NY in the living area he calls home. This song, born from watching TV coverage of the Iranian people's struggle against the power structure, shows how much hate a homeless man can really have. This is an EXCLUSIVE to WHACKO-TV, which means you cannot see anywhere else.
Homeless Harry appeared on BACKLINE and preformed his hit single HOMELESS, HARRY and OLD. This smokey jazz number reveals the true plight of the homeless. WHACKO-TV's exclusive music video library is much rarer for this one.
Legendary director Franz Kreplach has done it again with his new music video DIRTY OLD MEN. This WHACKO-TV exclusive shows how horny seniors have diverted their attention away from the financial meltdown by spending more time admiring the glamourous women of show biz.

"What is your problem? Doris, they said it was a half-off sale, but that doesn't mean you show your girls. You are such an exhibitionist. How are you ever going to get ahead in this company?"