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The situation in New York with the race for Mayor of the city that never sleeps has awakened many critics. One of the candidates running for his life is Anthony Weiner. With speculation that Mr. Weiner had engaged in his sexting habits, even after he resigned from Congress, the ever-hungry scribes in Gotham city demanded that he come clean. WHACKO-TV was there to record every sizzling second of his press conference. Wow, you can’t write this stuff; wait, we just did. 

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s saber-rattling is sure getting a bit loud. We can hear it all the way down here at the WHACKO-TV studios. This new campaign to get celebrities to speak out against Kim caught our attention. We thought it was Kim Kardashian so we jumped; only to find out it was Kim Jong Un. We wonder what that is short for? So here now, a presentation that brought together famous people from the past and present to tell the world what they think about Lil’ Kim. 

With the debate raging over whether your shrink or your gun dealer will be losing their rights, WHACKO-TV caught some video from one of its random cameras in Central Park. We discovered those two whacky characters Seamus & Handy just hanging around talking smack and acting out the conflict into drama scenario we’ve come to love. You have to give it to them how they use meticulous metaphors and goofy gestures to act out this real life structure. Did we really say that?
More than 50,000 people will be going to Tampa, Florida this week to cover the Republican National Convention. Yes, WHACKO-TV will be there with our crack reporters trying to score a big story or a little scoop of something we can bring back to our studios and put on the air. But with every big event, we attempt to film promos that will excite our audience. Well, the session with Captain Jack Jumpseat did not go so well. In fact, we ended up with nothing we could use. This is what we call an “outtake reel”, even though no reel was involved. We are still mystified there are two Ts in outtake. 
Look, we don’t control the content in the Political commercials that are run on WHACKO-TV, but we still have to run them. And this year, we are making a ton of money from all those Super PACs that are tearing into candidates left and right. We aren’t sure if they actually watched this spot before they sent it out because on the end of the spot was some audition they mistakenly left on. We can’t wait for this election to be over.
The Presidential debates are starting and both candidates have been boning up on zingers and platitudes to plaster each other with on national TV. WHACKO-TV’s cameras caught President Obama going into the local mall in Washington to pick up some metaphors for the debate this week. This piece is quite revealing about the president and how language has devolved into idioms, parables and figures of speech. We don’t think we will win an EMMY with this coverage, but the mall did give us free parking passes.
WHACKO-TV knows that it has to operate in the public interest and always welcomes diverse viewpoints. Our Sunday morning line-up of provocative public affairs programming was just bolstered by the addition of PROBING THE WORKING WOMAN with its host, Thaddeus T. Probinski. This time, young Thad interviews an undocumented working woman from Montreal who has been in the country for more than 50 years. You just can’t get great TV like this on TV
Both national conventions are over and now we get back to work. At WHACKO-TV we think reading books is a good idea. We have several books in the restrooms here at the studio. Lumber Jack Bob is back and the Book Nook is here. L.J.B. reviews THE REAL ROMNEY by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman. This book exposes a lot about the Republican candidate for president of these United States. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to find out if you want to buy this book for yourself.

This was one of the most amazing endorsements for Mitt Romney that all the other media outlets failed to pick up on. Yes, the Devil himself came out and endorsed Gov. Romney. Yes, that red butt Beelzebub, that lizard tongue Lucifer, that sick-minded Satan, that dingle-berry lovin’ diablo has placed his stamp of approval on Mitt Romney and this is the first commercial to hit the web-o-sphere. And of course, we have it first at WHACKO-TV. 

Now that we know that it’s Obama vs. Romney in the winner-take-all election in November, WHACKO-TV thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the fringe candidates running for President. We found Hal Hitler’s campaign that is being funded by a Super PAC with donations from old people living in Argentina, go figure. We always try to give all the candidates equal time. But this may be going too far.
As all the news networks and journalists scramble to find unique ways to cover the up-coming election, WHACKO-TV’s Wolf Douglas decided to do something totally different. He pulls off an interview on the front lawn of the White House. With special permission from the big guy, Douglas interviews a real-live illegal immigrant just yards from the most powerful man on the earth. Well, until the Secret Service got wind of it. What an ending.
The real definition of a man
Do you notice that some nights you can punch through hundreds of TV channels and not seem to find something you really want to watch? The other night the choice was between over-weight people crying about how hard it was to eat less food, or a documentary on there isn't any food in this African country. We aimed the camera at the TV and took a look at ourselves and what we saw wasn't pretty. 
The Republican Party is probably considering giving Newt the boot today after his shellacking in the Sunshine State, but only time will tell. Newt is determined to stir things up for as long as an addicted gambler would stay at the tables to pay for it. WHACKO-TV once again brings in a new perspective with ONE GAY GUY ON GOVERNMENT with more diverse opinion on what all this election stuff means. Hope you like it. Gee, hope this is legal. 
So far the Presidential Primary season has been filled with excitement. Well that is, if you like vile opinions, vitriolic speeches and vacuous statements. WHACKO-TV put the full force of its news team on duty for New Hampshire. INSURRECTION TWENTY TWELVE, as we call it, is a bent look at straight men trying to win the nomination of the Republican Party. We spared no expense and were not underwritten by any Super PAC; that we know of? We are on our way to South Carolina now for some low country barbeque. Until then, enjoy the recap. 
We shall overcome these tough times. We can only hope that one day we can all look back on all this and it will seem funny. Wolf Douglas and BACKLINE are back with a look at the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement in New York and the recent Police crackdown. If cleanliness is next to godliness, then the Occupy Movement is a bit cleaner after Mayor Moneybags evicted the protesters from the park they have occupied for the last two months. WHACKO-TV has cleaned up its act, too. 

There comes a time when we all feel like we heard enough. There is nothing more frustrating than to believe someone else is using your ideas. WHACKO-TV rarely airs out its dirty laundry, or takes out someone else’s trash, but the staff and management is very aggravated about celebrities stealing some of our material to use for their own. That is why Wolf Douglas has taken to the air to expose these people.

We believe in freedom of speech at WHACKO-TV but even we feel we have gone too far. In an effort to do something that most of the networks refuse to do, we present Micro-Debates. This is where little known candidates get to state their case. Our first fringe candidate could certainly be considered LUNATIC FRINGE at best. But then, that’s why we call it WHACKO-TV. 
It is quite odd that after the rebels of Libya marched into Tripoli, they cannot seem to find Muammar Gaddafi. Maybe they misplaced him, or maybe he is simply on holiday. Why didn’t the squad of female bodyguards have their own reality TV show by now? Homeless Harry and the Hash Pipes perform their new song Gaddafi Disposal for you in their spanking brand new music video seen exclusively on WHACKO-TV. We are on top of the news.
Finally the government has added another branch we can get behind. Homeland Security just added a new division that will patrol the Internet and keep America safe from all those bad people. If you have ever been on the Internet you will love this new show about the I.P.P. – Internet Patrol Police. Meet Lt. Dewayne Bradshaw of the I.P.P. and see exactly how far Uncle Sam has reached to grab that mouse right out of your hand. 
What is happening in Washington, DC lately is enough to drive the most politically unaware person crazy. WHACKO-TV was there with Harry Reid from the Senate and Speaker John Boehner of the House in a symbolic burned out building to discuss the current problem with the looming default. Will the United States of America default, or get some more cash from the building where they print it? Can compromise really be so far away from people who have free healthcare and pensions for life? 
One of the guys in the art department wanted to do some anti-war video. He’s kind of creepy, you know like those hippies in the 60s, only he was born like in the eighties. Well, that being said, we decided to give him a chance with his first video on WHACKO-TV. FARMER JOHN, you know the one with the daughter that every traveling salesman is in love with; he has a small cameo, but most of this one is political. 



When WHACKO-TV got the word that there would be a giant rally in Washington, DC, we jumped in our News mini-van and drove to the Nation's Capitol to see what was going on. Boy, were we surprised. We thought it was a Rally to Restore Vanity, but when we got there, there were two guys on stage from another network. Once again, Wolf Douglas made chicken salad out of, well, you know what we mean.

Well it is that time of the year for elections and the race for Mayor in Intercourse, PA has taken a nasty turn. WHACKO-TV has been running this spot for the incumbent Benny Schneckter. This is what politics are like in the Keystone State. Wow, Amish Parties are fun.

WHACKO-TV once again has landed a special video from an "unknown" source of the brand new training being used by local police departments in Arizona. With the new SB 1070 scheduled to go into effect on July 28, 2010 and the Federal government suing the state to keep them from cracking down on illegals, this video is revealing. It really amplifies the challenges cops will face.

 With the new law in Arizona, WHACKO-TV had to accept advertising for the state's tourist board. If you look closely at this ad, not only are they selling the benefits of their state, but also giving you little hints at how the new law will affect you and your loved ones when they travel to the state this summer. If you go there every again?
Tis the season for hard fought local elections, even in a small town in Pennsylvania. This well-crafted commercial shows the issues of the Amish community and how they fight for representation in the world of the English. WHACKO-TV once again is taking political commercials and the audience asks, Why?
 WHACKO-TV never lets any grass grow under its collective feats. Another accomplishment comes to the little screen. This time we return to ALCATRAZ and the cell of Rufus T to get some tips on how to treat plants. April showers bring May flowers, assuming that the flood waters of March will recede faster than Wolf Douglas' hairline. Catch the new show: THE PLANT MAN OF ALCATRAZ.
In President Obama's STATE OF THE UNION address, many things were said. So many things that of course, the common man and woman needs "experts" to unravel it all and help them shape their opinions. In comes Wolf Douglas and the crack WHACKO-TV round table of political analysts to get it straight. Catch the award winning coverage you just can't get anywhere else.
WHACKO-TV took its investigative cameras to the woods to talk to Patrick the Pixie about Healthcare. The Healthcare Pixie brings a slightly different perspective to this important problem in our society today. We checked his facts and he is right. You can believe this Pixie.
Well, the CONFIRMATION HEARINGS for SONIA SOTOMAYOR may be over, but the sterling coverage provided by WHACKO-TV through their loose affiliation with WHACKO-SPAN gave some real life lessons on what it takes to be a Chief Justice in this land. Why is Senator Lyndsey Beaver so nervous?
We were forced to put our General Manager on the air again reading one of his stupid editorials. This time Thwig takes on the Post Office and gives them a piece of his mind. There are only three pieces left.
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