Privacy Policy

Who we are

The website was started in 2008 when we felt we needed a bigger stage. The stage got so big, we couldn’t afford the rent, so we went online and started to make videos for our friends. When all our friends left us because they were so embarassed, we stopped making videos. But we might be back with an united front.


If you are offended by this material we don’t apologize, we just ask you to go away and stay away. This site in not for kids, or any other barnyard animal offspring.

If you feel so moved, leave a comment. We 100% guarantee that we might never respond to you, because quite frankly, unless we know you, and that is mostly likely not possible, espcially if you are a Russian hacker, so don’t get your underwear in a knot.


Most of the videos are streamed from YouTube the mother provider in the big bad world of video, but we could sneak in some vids from other places as well. There are no videos in our web server, so don’t waste your time trying to hack them and download. Stupid.


Yeah, they are everywhere. Just approve their use or get the F off the internet. You will be tracked no matter what you say, so back off Igor.

Embedded content from other websites

Yes, we have some stuff on the site from other people, and when we do that, we either did it on purpose or we have no idea how it got there. But we do recognize that WHACKO-TV is a TradeMarked name, so don’t use it or we will have to pay lawyers to write letters. And where we do acknowledge use of other peoples’ stuff, they own their own stuff.

Who we share your data with

We are selfish and don’t share with anyone. So, there.

How long we retain your data

We tend to delete data as much as possible. And we tend to do it when we need more space, when we have the time. It’s a space and time continuium.

What rights you have over your data

Stop thinking you have rights. You don’t.

Where we send your data

We tend to just wash your data down the sink, so don’t send us paper towels, santiary napkins, or large gulps of hate. We don’t want hate.