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From Steve Allen to Jay Leno, every late night host has done a segment called MAN ON THE STREET. Wolf Douglas, who is quick on his feet and a bit light in his loafers decided to take it to the street with a microphone in his hand. The people that he ran into are a great cross section of Americana. We just aren’t sure where Americana is. Even Google maps couldn’t find it. Let’s hit the streets. 

WHACKO-TV once again has brought in a new summer replacement show. We don’t know why anyone would want to replace summer with a TV show? Or why a show that only asked questions and gave you no answers would be even watchable. But our new show WHAT IF? is getting some great reviews. The News of the World in the UK wrote it is better than listening to other people’s voice mail. While the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph asked, what is the Internet? Catch it now.
Once again, WHACKO-TV has come up with another new show and this one is called HOW TO MAKE AMERICA BETTER. The immigration problem in America is not going away. We turned the Eduardo the Educator to give us his plan on how to make America better. We know that his crazy idea will never happen, even though it does have some great possibilities. 
WHACKO-TV made the long trip to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters. By the time that Wolf Douglas and Thwig Salgoud got there, they were pretty uptight. With the WHACKO-TV expense account freeze, they had to drive the station van from New York to Nevada. It was a long trip for the two webcasters.

WHACKO-TV hired the famous New York private investigator SNARKY to find all the jobs we've lost in this country in the last ten years. SNARKY may have undiscovered more than a hand full of problems. We apologize for the news bulletin that took place during the show.

What can we say, WHACKO-TV, through its relationship with Tony Facovia has scored front row seats to the Chelsea  Clinton wedding. We are there with our cameras from the moment Tony steps off the curb at the church. This is special, almost like royalty, but not.


Who said WHACKO-TV would never stoop so low to actually rip off an idea from another major TV network? Well, it is time that we just admit it, we do stoop for ideas. WHACKO-TV presents its new show CRIBS. See how the little people live in their big houses. This episode features BABY DUDE.
WHACKO-TV just won the right to broadcast the Lotto numbers from LOTTO AMERICA and of course, they also agreed to carry the two minute show that features some of the winners of the lottery. Well, what a first show. Thelma Louise Dishlecker and her husband Dick won both major lotteries the first week WHACKO-TV had the coverage. They seem like real normal and nice people.
We all get caught up in those reality-like game shows on TV, and THE BIGGEST BOOZER is no exception. After weeks of competition, it is down to the final two: Capt. Jack Jumpseat and Homeless Harry. Who will bag the big prize and take the crown? This promo brings out the best in all of us.


WHACKO-TV returned to the last newspaper reader and what we found out was amazing. It seems that the US government has hired the TV character SNARKY to consult them on Homeland Security. He reveals some of his proposals to make America safer.

WHACKO-TV adds this new reality mystery suspense cop-detective show to its line-up right before the holidays. It's SNARKY, a private detective that works for the rich folks who need to keep up with the Jones and know who their spouses are sleeping with. This is a tough job for SNARKY. Catch it live.