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The owner of the Washington Redskins has taken some real heat about the name of the team. And now, the United States Patent and Trademark Office decided that the name of the team is too offensive to be a trademark.  It’s not the offense they should be worried about, the team’s defense sucked last year as well. And everyone wants to know about the World Cup. Do the players really wear a cup in soccer?  And we cover cheerleaders as well. Whammy Douglas just can’t be beat, although the owner of the Redskins would like to. Ear Witness Sports is on the air. 
What would America do without SPORTS? This is where we find our heroes, our villains, our drug addicts and our most tebowing Christians. We have our showboats and our sure-their-on somethings with flashy nicknames and numbers on their backs. This week, Whammy Douglas returns to the WHACKO-TV sports desk, which is really just a card table from the break room, to deliver the kind of sizzling reporting that got him vaulted into the witness protection program. Ear Witness Sports is back and we have it exclusively.
Well, the best plans of mice and men often lead you to a brand new ballpark on the wrong day. We had planned to capture all the excitement of a major league baseball game, but we ended up going to the new MARLINS’ PARK in Miami on a day the team was out of town. Seems there is something called the ALL STAR break when all the teams go to one city to play each other. Well, we made lemonade out of lemons, or in this case, took the tour of the new stadium and we bring it to you uncensored and uncut.
Whammy Douglas, Sports Director of WHACKO-TV put together this little sports feature about how sports terms and clichés have dominated the American way of life. From Southpaw to Home Run, we depend on sports to give us words that enrich our lives and make it harder for immigrants to really understand what the heck we are saying. Enjoy Whammy, even though he seems to think baseball is only a national part-time rather than pastime. 
The Dodger Dilemma is a dark day in sports and of course WHACKO-TV was covering it like a glove. We pull no punches as we dig into our coverage of the NBA and NHL playoff picture. WHAMMY DOUGLAS returns to the sports desk without touching all the bags, because that would be sexual harassment. GET IT ALL NOW at your home for good sports, WHACKO-TV. 

Every year millions of Americans get totally engrossed in the thing they call March Madness. This is the NCAA Final Four basketball championship. WHAMMY DOUGLAS, the WHACKO-TV Sports Director, has the inside scoop on the teams, mascots and more. He is always up to the minute, well, until they play the games, then he will be totally out of date. 

WHACKO-TV went on the road and onto the frozen tundra of the Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate New York for the WALLEYE CHALLENGE where human beings cut holes in the ice and fish. They are awarded prizes for the longest fish. We took our camera crew there to see the event. Well, the second choice was a street fair in Egypt.
In every game, there must be a winner and a loser. The Superbowl is no different. In the 2011 contest, two mighty teams from the past rose up to take each other on, the last team standing was the champion. And even though the Pittsburgh Steelers shoulda, coulda, woulda won the game, they didn’t. The toll this takes on each and every Steeler fan is huge. This video is dedicated to them.
This is outrageous that in today's environment that a reporter just trying to do their job is attacked. Wolf Douglas was on the front lines, but forced into a hotel room to do his broadcast. What happened to freedom of speech? This video is frightening.

With baseball in the most exciting time of the year, WHACKO-TV covered the press conference of Manager Gunther Zwieback as he departed the South Dakota Dark Horses baseball organization. We aren't sure if this is really a retirement, after all, he has the same accountant as Brett Favre, who recently sent us some very strange text messages. Hey, Gunther's no Bobby Cox, but we thought he handled the press well, well, not that good.

The WHACKO-TV SPORTS DEPARTMENT is on top of all the big stories. With Tiger Woods' demise blasted all over the TV, we wanted to find out why he has been slumping. We discovered where Tiger's Mojo has been all these months. Wolf Douglas travels to Vietnam to find out the secret. Such Comedy from such a strange place.

WHACKO-TV Sports Director  Whammy Douglas sounds off on the fact that Major League Baseball pitcher Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers was robbed of a perfect game by a close call at first base. And when we needed leadership in the commissioner's office, we got Dr. No.  Hear Whammy's logic on why Bud Selig should declare the game perfect and clean up the credibility spill created by umpire Jim Joyce's admitted mistake.

So much of our sports coverage these days has to do with sex, hookers and drugs. Why is that? WHACKO-TV once again tracked down the ultimate Steelers' fan to find out what he thinks about the recent news about Ben Roethlisberger's suspension and the aftermath of his brush with the law in Georgia.
WHACKO-TV has always been open to diverse opinions and viewpoints. In an effort to give equal time to the causes of the oppressed, we present a Monkey's view of Major League Baseball. We invited their spokesman, or shall we say, spokes-monkey to present this interesting proposal.

WHACKO-TV took its remote unit to the Steel City to talk to football fans about the sport they love so much. Wolf Douglas found one Steeler fan who has been locked up in his house since the big game took place. We can't actually say the name of the "big game" because the NFL owns the right of any utterance of the word. SUPERBOWL..... gotcha!

WHACKO-TV's EAR WITNESS SPORTS takes a look at Fishing in New York and the STEROID problem in Baseball. Sportscaster Whammy Douglas peers into the eyes and ears of the players and gets the truth and a bunch of wax.