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Every year, Patrick the Pixie comes to WHACKO-TV to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with his little friend Lucky Charm the talking Irish Frog. As you can see, this year, after lots of pressure from viewers, we are using the Paddy's spelling rather than Patty's Day, which every sane person in America uses. But we please to aim and we want to get lucky.
A lot of Americans traveled to Russia this year to see the Olympics and visit some of the major cities. When we learned what happened to Patrick the Pixie, we asked a camera crew to go over there and find out more. Once again, WHACKO-TV comes to the rescue just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. May everyone’s good luck continue into the year and may you receive a good wet kiss from someone claiming to be Irish. 
Saint Patrick's Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick or the way they say it in Irish talk, Lá Fhéile Pádraig, is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17 every year, until the Rapture. It is named after Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), who some believe was the patron saint of Ireland. The day of public parades and festivals, céilithe, and wearing of green attire or shamrocks aren’t the best part. Why, even the Lenten restrictions on eating copious amounts of food and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day. Even Pope Frank would approve. Here now, is our annual tradition of Patrick the Pixie & Lucky Charm the Irish Frog. BTW, Patrick is still single girls
There have been many famous weddings on TV. We all remember Tiny Tim's late night nuptials. And of course, who can forget Lady Di and Prince Charles' grand event. Now, exclusively from WHACKO-TV, Lucky Charm, the talking Irish frog, gets hitched with the love of his life; Humadora. We have spared no expense for this kind of coverage. So sit back and enjoy the ceremony and remember it was free for you. Not so much for the father of the bride.

Every year Patrick the Pixie and the Irish frog Lucky Charm send a video from Ireland to give the people of WHACKO-TV land a little bit of luck. Of course, we aren’t sure if it works, but we all told that if you share this video with 10 other people today, you will get good luck, or was that something about you getting lucky today. Well, Thanks to Patrick and Lucky Charm for their extremely weird and whacko video and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you.

The first St. Patrick's Day took place in New York City on March 17, 1762. Yes, another great thing from New York, like American Pizza and Midnight Cowboy. Each year, WHACKO-TV gives you Patrick the Pixie and Lucky Charm, the talking frog. And as legend has it, if you send this video link to ten of your best friends, good things begin to happen to them and you don't have to kiss a frog. So, send some good luck and have a great St. Patrick's Day. Magic Wand is optional, unless Erin actually does go bragh-less.
St. Patrick's Pixie and Lucky Charm the Frog come to WHACKO-TV to do the first annual GOOD LUCK SHOW. Demonstrating how you can get lucky.