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Times really are changing. We have noticed that even old hippies are jumping up and down about technology. We caught up with Homeless Harry on vacation in Jamaica and found out how he remembers all the lyrics to the thousands of songs he has written and recorded over the years. Harry was representing the state of Colorado at an agricultural seminar he was attending. He was learning how to grow taller plants with more buds. Whatever that means? We present Homeless Harry’s Helpful Hints. 

Tech Talk with Pecker Johnson

Finally the government has added another branch we can get behind. Homeland Security just added a new division that will patrol the Internet and keep America safe from all those bad people. If you have ever been on the Internet you will love this new show about the I.P.P. -- Internet Patrol Police. Meet Lt. Dewayne Bradshaw of the I.P.P. and see exactly how far Uncle Sam has reached to grab that mouse right out of your hand.
It has been more than a year since our trusted technologist PECKER JOHNSON has graced us with another TECH TALK. He has been traveling the world and just happened to be in Pakistan last week for a technology seminar and the WHACKO-TV cameras caught up with him so he could file this report. 
Pecker Johnson must have a burr under his saddle because he really does seem to be a little angry at the government, oil companies, the TSA and RadioShack? His latest TECH TALK seems to be a bit radical and we are quite certain he didn't take his meds today. But he does make some good points, for a geek.

Don't you hate when your TV does that?

WHACKO-TV's PECKER JOHNSON seems to be finding all the things about technology we love to hate. In this episode, he shows what is wrong with Picture in Picture and why the FCC is not paying attention to how technology is changing. If you love technology, you'll love Tech Talk.
Pecker Johnson is back with TECH TALK. This time he looks at CABLE TV and the on-going struggle between man and machine and Microsoft. This electrical transfusion of information will spark your brain as the professorial abstract mindedness reveals a totally great invention.
WHACKO-TV is once again on the forefront of technology with its new show TECH TALK with PECKER JOHNSON. This well known expert on audio, video and TV helps you deal with things that are just as complicated to him. His unique brand of techno-psycho-babble will help you cope with the recent departure of analog TV.

Man types real fast on wireless keyboard trying to communicate with someone else, out there.