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Everyone has heard the news of the Wisconsin newscaster who took umbrage with an email that a viewer sent to her about her weight.  And WHACKO-TV stands with our fellow, or sister newscaster, and agree with her message of anti-bullying. Wolf Douglas found another famous person who is facing the same problem. Let’s see how this turns out. 
It seems like the worst thing that happened to Herman Cain was winning the Florida straw poll. Everyone knows that a pole made out of straw would not support the Governor of New Jersey, but one would think that Mr. Cain would get some respect, at least from Able. WHACKO-TV's Master Debater Series continues with our three guests, Father Positive, Albert Brooks Einstein and Bobby Ganoosh. At least it's more exciting than another Republican debate.
WHACKO-TV has been on the road filming a new series called The Irate Customer. That would make a great title for a book. We enlisted well-known weight-lifter and customer rights advocate Johnny Benchpress to do the show. In this episode, he’s in Chicago and takes a look at MACY’S and DELTA Air Lines and the things they do to get the goat of their customers
The response was so great for our first episode of THE IRATE CUSTOMER we just had to put another out. Speaking of putting out; it is clear that NETFLIX was asking us all to put out with our wallets and patience recently. So Johnny Benchpress was a really Johnny on the spot with his review of the letter that he received from Netflix. I guess he told them.  I guess WHACKO-TV will never be on Netflix. 
We don’t know where WHACKO-TV finds these people, but here is another strange specimen. Marion Webster, a word rancher who loves words more than fashion. With his new show WORD-O-RAMA Marion reveals some of the words he has invented. We doubt if this summer replacement show will see the light of the autumn schedule, but then, it’s not TV, it’s WHACKO-TV. 
WHACKO-TV like many of the networks has been out there looking for new shows and this one was scheduled to be a summer replacement, but who can wait for summer? Wolf Douglas debuts WD40 a show that features subjects that the audience votes on. Now there is a unique idea. Catch the first episode now.

The WHACKO-TV programming department is always thinking of new ways to bring in the audience. This time they have created the new game show SLAP THE MONKEY. Loosely based on the British TV show, "Who's Wine Is This?" SLAP THE MONKEY replaces the show Lake Erie Shore, which had terrible ratings. Enjoy SLAP THE MONKEY while it lasts. We are sure that P.E.T.A. will be on the phone shortly.

WHACKO-TV, in an attempt to help with the ever-growing obesity problem in America, introduces its first exercise program for the whole family. Join the workout brothers for the first installment of the Trish Regan Exercise Program. You'll want to get on your workout clothes for this one.

WHACKO-TV unleashes a neat summer replacement show from their Master Debaters Series called POINTLESS & COUNTERPOINT. The debate on this episode is whether American TV has gone downhill. Join Jocko DeClone and Gaylord Blowhardier as they debate the subject. You just can't get this TV anywhere else.
This is clearly a disturbing video. It has a taste of George Orwell, a bit of Buffalo Bob, wait, does anyone remember Buffalo Bob? This video essay was done by the older politicos in the newsroom who wasted most of their high school days studying political science and boring subjects like that. WHACKO-TV has always given spare time to opposite opinions. Well, at least that is the lip service we give, so Howdy Doody to you too, brutay.
It is rare that WHACKO-TV presents a Public Service Announcement, but some of the goody-two-shoes round here think that using dark humor and sarcasm is a way to get through to the masses. I mean REALLY? Judge for yourself.
The famous WHACKO-TV talk show HEY, CAN WE TALK? is back with Wolf Douglas getting the exclusive interview with Bucky the woodchuck and Beatrice the beaver straight from Hollywood. Their new movie, They Came To Chuck You is #1 at the box office this week. This is one of Wolf's best shows.
Yes, it's that time of the year again when we ask you to dip into your wallets, purses and mattresses to find some cash to send to us to keep us on the air. The WHACKO-TV 35th Annual Telethon to prevent the spread of bankruptcy is on the air. Gee, we've only been doing this for a couple of years. Hey, it's not TV, it's WHACKO-TV.
The new show HEY, CAN WE TALK? is back and this time we've bagged a major guest, the MAN IN THE MOON. Hear all the rip roaring fun when Wolf Douglas asks the tough questions.
Wolf Douglas hosts the new show that puts the focus on TALK with some of the most unique guests on any TALK SHOW. This one is HANDS DOWN, the best one yet.