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WHACKO-TV presents another episode of its award winning travel series Video Travel Blog. This time the team took off to upstate New York to the Adirondack National Park the largest park and National Historic Landmark. Within the 6.1 million acres of land you can find WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN and the HIGH FALL GORGE. Our camera crew claims that, while they were there, they were abducted by a flying saucer. That’s what they told the State Police who found them walking aimlessly on a back road naked. They are currently in a holding cell in Lake Placid. 
There is no greater city in the world than Paris. And we are not talking about Paris, Texas, we are talking about Paris, France. WHACKO-TV assigned a special team to go to the capital of France and take the tours, drink the wine and hang out on the Champs Elysees. The Video Travel Blog is back and this time we look at Paris. Move over Rick Steves, it’s WHACKO-TV. 

Rani ki vav is a famous step well situated in Patan town in Gujarat in India. WHACKO-TV has sent camera people all over the world to capture some of the most amazing places. Wolf Douglas once again takes us into the depth of this step well to give us a bird’s eye view of this ancient architecture. Most historians believe that it was built in the memory of Bhimdev I (AD 1022 to 1063) son of Mularaja, the founder of the Solanki dynasty of Anahilwada Pattan in about 1050 AD by his widowed queen Udayamati; details, details. They were not at home when we visited. We were amazed at how commercial this landmark has become. 

When one travels out west in the U.S. of A, someone will pull a fast one on you by suggesting that you eat some delicious Rocky Mountain Oysters. Now, we all know how far Colorado and Nebraska are from the ocean, so they must have some special method of getting those oysters to your table; but let the buyer beware. Enjoy the latest from the award winning show VIDEO TRAVEL BLOG - exclusively on WHACKO-TV. Join Wolf Douglas as he gives you a bird’s eye view of OGALLALA, NEBRASKA. 
Someone said there was a big parade on Fifth Avenue in New York City, so we sent a camera crew there to see what they could shoot. Well, when they told us it was a PRIDE PARADE we thought, wow, that is a unique idea. And then they showed us the video. Now we aren’t inclined to rain on anyone’s parade, especially the two camera guys, Phil and Raymond, who seem to always be together every second of the day. So, we present this WHACKO-TV Video Travel Blog to demonstrate that being Gay is being happy. And of course, when a million people show up to celebrate Gay Pride, we just jump in and celebrate
WHACKO-TV’s Video Travel Blog is back with a look into Vietnam from our new Pacific Rim Reporter, Dong Ho. Dong takes a look at how Vietnam has progressed since the end of that war thing they did in the sixties. It looks like Vietnam is a swell place to travel to and is warmer than North Korea in so many ways. Take a few minutes to see Vietnam through the eyes of a man with a Fu-Manchu.
In a world where we worry about who has nuclear capabilities or what pop singer OD’d today, there is a simple way to have fun. WHACKO-TV has contracted with a new company called SAFARI FIVE-OH to offer wonderful virtual safaris online. This video is just a sample of what you will see on this tour of Mozambique. There were Christians and Lions and Giraffa camelopardalis and Rhinos and Muslims and Water Buffalinos (the Italian kind) all over the place. It was a virtual jungle over there.  

WHACKO-TV was once again, sort of, asked to cover the 4th Annual Walleye Challenge that takes place on the Great Sacandaga Lake in upstate New York near the small town of Mayfield, NY. This year the lake presented another challenge due to the warm weather. For ice fishing, one needs ice. But the ice-fishing contest was a little soggy this year, but just as successful. With $50,000 worth of prizes, fishermen and fisherwomen got out on the lake early. Wolf Douglas asked the question whether they thought their activities were ethical and what they would say to PETA about this charge. There answers were illuminating.
The WHACKO-TV Video Travel Blog hit the streets of Harlem, New York. You can practically smell the aroma of this New York City neighborhood. Catch it now. 

At the end of every year we evaluate all our relationships. And in this case, our videographer and self-proclaimed folk singer Lumber Jack Bob is asking the question: How close can you get to a wild turkey? It seems to us that this is a story about a family out for a snack in the field. When Jack Bob tries to get close to them, they want nothing of it. We want all our viewers to know that no turkey was harmed in the making of this video. Well, except that one at Christmas dinner. 
WHACKO-TV, like most Americans, was extremely irritated when we learned that one airline charged our service men and women extra for their baggage on flights back home from our many wars and conflicts. So, we took our cameras to Captain Jack Jumpseat to get his viewpoint on this practice. Well, true to form, Jack was less than vocal about the airline policies.
During SNOWGASM 2010 that stranded many people, our camera crew was no exception. They got stuck in Atlanta, so they decided to go see the sites. It was then that they found out that thousands of fish were being held against their will at the Georgia Aquarium. We dispatched Wolf Douglas to investigate and this is what he found.

WHACKO-TV has been going through some real growing pains and the writers, those lazy bums have not been putting out. And they haven't been writing funny material either. So, Wolf Douglas, to appease the boss, decided to take the team to Cambridge, MASS, to see if a little Harvard sense of hummus would rub off on them. Just to touch the old Harvard Lampoon building might just do the trick.

With many of the other TV networks talking about the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rallies, WHACKO-TV made the trip to Washington, DC. Wolf Douglas will headquartered out of a quaint little B&B on Pennsylvania Avenue (seen below). Full coverage on the RALLY TO RESTORE VANITY next week.

The Sports Department calls it a sport. The Art Department calls it an art. The News Department calls it news, but whatever you call it, you have got to see the CHEESY CHICK CHALLENGE;  where perfectly "normal" men and women use chainsaws to make beautiful art and live to tell about it. This is a rare moment in WHACKO-TV coverage.

WHACKO-TV's crack reporter Wolf Douglas took on some travel last week and hit the road. He went to Blowing Rock, North Carolina and traveled on the 75 year old Blue Ridge Parkway. If you want to see mountains, this is the Video Travel Blog for you.

WHACKO-TV is proud to bring back the never, ever nominated for any award investigative show DATELIME. This time the guy with the creepy voice and unrealistic infections examines the Shrine of the Martyrs in Auriesville, NY and Saratoga Race Course. We have no idea what they have in common. Is this really a funny video?

WHACKO-TV is very excited about the return of the Video Travel Blog. Captain Jack Jumpseat of WHACKO AIR took our crew to Peru. Along with our tour guide Juliana, the daughter of a famous Peruvian comedian, we were able to see some of the most amazing sights. No Lima beans were consumed on the trip.

Always staying ahead of the news and ahead of the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, WHACKO-TV sent Wolf Douglas down to examine the beaches on the east coast of Florida. What he finds there, might surprise you. We are just worried about his mini-bar use at the hotel.

Every year, WHACKO-TV's management brings in Herby Koughman to consult us on how to get more hits, or views, or whatever they are calling them these days. And of course, he says, "You need to have cute little kittens, or pretty puppies running around." And we say, well, okay, but this better work. We turned to our canine correspondent, Jorge Robinson to deliver a winner of a video we hope you enjoy.



Wolf Douglas took a camera crew to Philadelphia for another VIDEO TRAVEL BLOG. From the City Hall to the Art Museum, WHACKO-TV discovered dozens of statues exposing themselves. Topless works of art showing that Philadelphia not only is the city of Brotherly Love, but also a town of titillating historical monuments to sisters.

WHACKO-TV leased the famous Brown-McFly Time Machine to bring back a man from the year 10BC. The 2010 YEAR OLD MAN comes to the small screen to talk about his observations about this earth after spending three days in our time. This is timeless history making video.

WHACKO-TV continues its travel series with helpful hints for tourist who come to New York City in a car. Wolf Douglas jumps in his car and takes you for a ride into Manhattan. Before you travel to the Big Apple, you have to watch this video.
WHACKO-TV head reporter WOLF DOUGLAS traveled to upstate New York to see how a chainsaw can make beautiful music. Jim and Christine Petrillo run EARTHWORKS, a small art shop and outdoors studio, where Jim creates beautiful animals and tons of sawdust. You have to see this to believe it.
WHACKO-TV's newest show VIDEO TRAVEL BLOG is on the air. This time, the WHACKO-TV Docu-drama department heads to TIMES SQUARE in New York City for a look see, so you can see, too.
ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION was brought to life by two guys in the WHACKO-TV public affairs department. We still don't know why they don't keep those affairs private, but that being said, Wolf Doulgas tries to answer the question, who is more worthy, Plants or People? What reporting.
Reporter Dwight Douglas takes to the streets of White Plains, NY to expose some of the statues and memorials of the city.
Wolf Douglas takes you to Grant's Tomb to answer that old question, who is buried in Grant's Tomb? This short VIDEO TRAVEL BLOG gives you the answer, but also comes under fire for what some are calling the first subliminal advertising in a documentary. This is surely good for the history buff in all of us.
Wolf Douglas takes you deep into the South American rain forest to interview large human-sized iguana in the WHACKO-TV special IGUANAFEST 2009. The reaction to the Michael Jackson Memorial was the intent, but Wolf goes so much further.
While vacationing recently in Key Biscayne, Florida, we happened on a herd of iguana that have taken to eating human food.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT: This was the first WHACKO-TV video. The crows come from Canada every fall on their way to White Plains, NY. They stop in Mayfield, NY and have a concert.
Dwight Douglas' riveting report on the aftermath at the site of Crowfest 2007.
George Robinson creates the trailer for Winter Storm 2008 and keeps the fans on their feets and off their butts.
Dwight Douglas with his $5 plastic sleigh from Wal-Mart proves that you can have fun by yourself in the snow.
WHACKO-TV traveled to Austin, TX to see the town right before a Texas football game. This is part of the Community Close-Up Series.