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Probably one of the hardest things for a TV station like WHACKO-TV to cope with is the aftermath of major tragedies, like what happened in Boston recently. You wait for that moment when you can create something that is true to your credo without disturbing the timetable of national mourning, holistic healing and meaningful reflection. Well, we have been reflecting, too. And so, we give you Surveillance Fruits.
The only TV outlet that was allowed in the BJ Morgan Chased Bank Stockholders Meeting was WHACKO-TV. We slipped a security guard a Benjamin and got to sit in the front row. We shot the whole report on a cell phone camera. People are outraged. People are angry. But will anything really happen? Most of the experts say the Congress is too afraid of bankers to pass laws that hinder their evil ways. But after this report, we are sure you will have more faith in the banking system than ever before. After all, they have our money. 
WHACKO-TV bit the bullet and opened up a news bureau in Chicago and hired the infamous Johnny Benchpress as its new Political Director. Catch Johnny’s new show WOW – NICE  ELECTION on WHACKO-TV and witness him catching all the rumors and sliding passed the truth. He takes on Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Joe Paterno. Which one doesn’t fit?
They keep popping out of the woodwork, like pop-tarts out of the toaster. A fifth accuser of Herman Cain has come forward and of course WHACKO-TV was there to witness the event. Can I get a witness? This time, a priest, an angry bird and the woman walk out of a federal court house, only to be met by our camera. Notice we said camera, we only have one remote camera. This is able to drive Cain lower in the polls. And we know what happened to the Poles. This time of the year we are most interested in the North Pole. Maybe Santa will bring Herman’s old job back. 
As you have probably heard by now, The News International phone hacking scandal has brought allegations that individuals working for the newspaper engaged in phone hacking. WHACKO-TV has gotten another amazing scoop without hacking one phone. We got the first comment from the Queen of England about the scandal. We understand that she is some kind of high ranking memory of the British government. Like even more powerful than Richard Branson. This moment in journalistic history will put WHACKO-TV on the map. 
WHACKO-TV once again is on the cutting edge with an insightful look at the revolutionary changes taking place in Northern Africa and the Middle East. We called on our expert Omar Kitchendore from Pharaoh University in Arizona to explain what is happening in Libya. And of course, WHACKO-TV even figured out a way to have some clever product placement in the report.
How would you feel if within three minutes of a new job you realized you were in the wrong business? WHACKO-TV moved their one and only private detective SNARKY off the beat and into the seat of their new FM station they just picked up at an auction. Seems that these stations are a dime a dozen these days. Well, who knew that SNARKY’s first day on the air would be the day after the demise of world-renown terrorist Osama Bin Laden?
By now almost everyone in the world has watched the video of the homeless DJ and how his life has changed because of You Tube. Well, the WHACKO-TV news update team hit the streets to see if there are any other talented wanderers out there. They filed this report from a nameless street in a nameless city with a homeless man who has no name or home to call his own.
WHACKO-TV came up with a unique idea. They put a hidden camera in front of a bench in New York's Central Park and this is the first episode. We have the Knight Watchman and a fellow named Bobby Ganoosh and they talk openly about politics. Beware, these videos have not been edited, so the language is a bit salty, much like you would expect from Bobby Knight. Let's see if this idea catches on.

Some of the dog lovers here at WHACKO-TV were A-PAWED when they saw that terrible internet video of that girl throwing new born puppies in the river. So our creative department leaped into action and build another show called INTERNET RETARDS. This show is out to expose those people who do stupid things, and then have the nerve to put the video on the internet. Wolf Wolf to the rescue.

WHACKO-TV was on top of the Texas School Board controversy from the beginning and the only media outlet to snag an exclusive  interview with Thomas Jefferson himself. Through the amazing patented technology known as HISTO-CAM, we take you right to Monticello to get the real scoop from Jefferson himself. Thomas, not George.


WHACKO-TV finds things to do on the internet and brings them to their viewing public. This one is unique. A new web site where you can enter the confessional online and gain redemption. WHACKO-TV sent Wolf Douglas to experience this unusual new Internet service. O.M.G.


WHACKO-TV News captured these PETA activists in front of the M&M store in TIMES SQUARE in New York City.
Wolf Douglas does the news in less than two minutes. You could have cooked an egg while he was doing the news. This cast, he looks at the South California wild fires and take on torture with Dick Cheney. This is award winning news at its shortest, thus the name ADD NEWS.
With the recent news of car dealerships forced to close, WHACKO-TV traveled to QUICKSAND, KY to talk to one dealership that has been around for 75 years. Wolf Douglas' new News show, NEWS CHUNKS, proves to be the best way for those on the go to get the news in bite size portions they can regurgitate to their friends around the water cooler.
The Video Travel Blog comes back to WHACKO-TV with a look at Las Vegas. Wolf Douglas, inspired by the late great Hunter S. Thompson gives us Vegas like never before. Showing that he will do anything to get the story, Wolf does his best work on the street.
WHACKO-TV's WOLF DOUGLAS goes undercover to expose the truth behind same-sex marriage and comes up with a solution for the whole controversy.
Wolf Douglas was chosen to cover the Crowfest C20 Economic Summit in White Plains, NY this year and his almost emmy-like reportage is apparent. The crows come by the thousands to attend this summit and work out their differences. They came as far as Crow-A-Sha!.